Let the blitching begin!

For starters I named my blog CitifiedB mostly for the fact I just moved to a bigger city. The “B” I could tell you represents the initial of my first name, but that’s not why I chose it.

B is for Bitch (I don’t curse much, promise*).

My little brother has yet to switch over to that “trying to sound cool by cursing” stage, THANKFULLY. Instead of cursing he uses words like “Ish, B, Eff…etc.” which surprisingly wiped out the original curse words from my families vocabulary. We will be in a parking lot and my brother will get cut off and yell something like “That B just cut me off! What the EFF!”.  Great right? I think it’s so much less hateful and somewhat humorous to hear. I recommend starting this trend of words into your family, it’s much more appropriate.

So if you continue reading these random rants I’ll be pressing (next will be my love/hate for starbucks), you will now know what eff I’m talking about when I say ish and such.


Happy Readings B’s!


One thought on “Let the blitching begin!

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