Okay readers, I know I ragged on Starbucks a little bit; I apologize in advance, I will be ragging on Walmart a lot worse.

When people are getting dressed to go “Save Money, Live Better”, (because ya, spend less money for Chinese garbage that breaks in a month.. MERRICAA) I imagine they are thinking something along the lines of “just rolled out of bed, this robe will do” or “Forgot to do laundry, bikini top and shorts it shall be…oh and those heels.” I wish I could say it is just the clientele that seem so complacent with their clothing, or lack there of.

Photo from a good friend!

It’s the employees who put the icing on the cake! Ma’am, this is not an episode of The Golden Girls, please remove the hair rollers when out in public.  (also, refrain from purchasing the processed crap she is stocking.)

Now if this didn’t shock you, will.

I wish that somehow Publix could train all of Wal-mart when it comes to customer service. Who doesn’t love asking for help and getting some negligent response. “Oh uh, watches? yea go straight and take a left a few aisles down, they’re somewhere over there.” …Yea let’s just hope by “a few aisles down” he means around 3 and not 6. . Still waiting on Target to become 24 hours so I can avoid this ish, not that it’s much better.



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