No, “I don’t even”

If you didn’t quite get the meaning of my title, check out this site and you will.



Am I the only one that cannot stand the obnoxious meatheads at the gym cemented in front of mirrors perfecting their poses?? Picture Time! Ughhh. Not only do you look as lame as you should feel, I now have to hide so I can avoid being seen on instagram, facebook, and twitter because we all know it’ll be posted to each one.

Reading the word “Meathead” probably gives you the assumption that I’m just referring to guys, I’m not.

SHESQUATS-google it.

You get these beautiful women wearing thongs or pulling their spandex into one (ew) just so we can all experience the ass of a female squatter. Excellent! You made it acceptable to show your bottoms without being slutty …right? I just want to meet the noble man that enjoys his significant other sharing these pics.  Like…what the eff.???

Debating on starting a website- Share your thoughts!

Happy Workouts.

& on that note, I think I’ll squat my way to the cookie jar.



5 thoughts on “No, “I don’t even”

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  2. Start carrying your phone into the gym and snap pictures of people looking in the mirror. Extra points if you get a pic of someone as they are snapping their own selfie. Post the best results on

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