You’re Not A Hipster; You’re A Contradiction.

If you claim you’re a hipster, you’re not.


Stop telling me about unheard of bands that you Googled…from your Iphone.

Just because you order some crazy latte with 8 different pumps, does not dismiss the fact you’re at a Starbucks. (& no, it will never be featured on their menu).

Your skinny jeans, beanies, and converse are not unique, they’re stylish & many others are wearing them as well.

Eff your thick rimmed glasses that may or may not even be prescribed.

Stop with your predictable opinions that go against whatever is mainstream at the time.

Your band shirt is lame & I’ve seen it at Walmart.

Will you shave that beard come “No shave November”…?

Macklemore made ‘Thrift Shopping’ cool, so you can stop pretending like you have ever even stepped foot in one.


You play video games (C.O.D, HALO, L.O.L) along with the rest of the world. Aren’t you supposed to be outside or creating your own game?

Quit trying to make living with your parents & jobless “because you wannabe” a thing. People actually do live with their parents for legit reasons.

I know maybe two acquaintances  that could be considered hipsters and they don’t even know it. (Granted they are in fact living with their parents for no good reason.) A real ‘Hipster’ doesn’t need to be known or titled as one, they are creative and have a mind of their own.

Also, I shouldn’t be expecting any negative comments on this post.

Hipsters don’t need to defend themselves…right?





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