What’s your blogging inspiration?

“Put your blog out into the world and hope that your talent will speak for itself”-Diablo Cody

Am I the only one who blushes when someone “likes” or “follows” your blog?

It’s so much more than a simple Facebook or twitter like. People actually take the time (hopefully;) and read what you have to say! That kinda ish means something.

Not only do they read, they seem to enjoy it, how empowering! My blitching is being recognized! I WILL RULE COUNTRIES… oh, just kidding. But it really is such an exhilarating feeling and inspiration to keep on writing, don’t you agree? What are some of your inspirations to blog?

Share your thoughts!

Still blushing,


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No, “I don’t even”

If you didn’t quite get the meaning of my title, check out this site and you will. www.doyoueven.com



Am I the only one that cannot stand the obnoxious meatheads at the gym cemented in front of mirrors perfecting their poses?? Picture Time! Ughhh. Not only do you look as lame as you should feel, I now have to hide so I can avoid being seen on instagram, facebook, and twitter because we all know it’ll be posted to each one.

Reading the word “Meathead” probably gives you the assumption that I’m just referring to guys, I’m not.

SHESQUATS-google it.

You get these beautiful women wearing thongs or pulling their spandex into one (ew) just so we can all experience the ass of a female squatter. Excellent! You made it acceptable to show your bottoms without being slutty …right? I just want to meet the noble man that enjoys his significant other sharing these pics.  Like…what the eff.???

Debating on starting a website- idonteven.com? Share your thoughts!

Happy Workouts.

& on that note, I think I’ll squat my way to the cookie jar.



Okay readers, I know I ragged on Starbucks a little bit; I apologize in advance, I will be ragging on Walmart a lot worse.

When people are getting dressed to go “Save Money, Live Better”, (because ya, spend less money for Chinese garbage that breaks in a month.. MERRICAA) I imagine they are thinking something along the lines of “just rolled out of bed, this robe will do” or “Forgot to do laundry, bikini top and shorts it shall be…oh and those heels.” I wish I could say it is just the clientele that seem so complacent with their clothing, or lack there of.

Photo from a good friend!

It’s the employees who put the icing on the cake! Ma’am, this is not an episode of The Golden Girls, please remove the hair rollers when out in public.  (also, refrain from purchasing the processed crap she is stocking.)

Now if this didn’t shock you, www.peopleofwalmart.com will.

I wish that somehow Publix could train all of Wal-mart when it comes to customer service. Who doesn’t love asking for help and getting some negligent response. “Oh uh, watches? yea go straight and take a left a few aisles down, they’re somewhere over there.” …Yea let’s just hope by “a few aisles down” he means around 3 and not 6. . Still waiting on Target to become 24 hours so I can avoid this ish, not that it’s much better.


Employee Talk

” If  A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut.”

People who say “there’s always drama in a work place”, are telling the truth. Getting a job was like going back to high school with grown ups. Every hall you walk down, someone is in your ear talking about another or rumors are flying left and right. I was shocked needless to say. Who doesn’t love to gossip after all? I hate to admit the entertainment I get from hearing some of these stories, although I am no voyeur.

The thing I hate about being involved is just that, being involved. They come to you with their mouths full and unload then sit back and expect you to subscribe your opinions into the matter. I always say something along the lines of…”oh wow” or “really, that’s interesting”. They never seem amused with my responses. Don’t get me wrong, I could complain and ramble to the others about many things, but where does that get me? Possibly fired. They’re like trolls, scavvying up all the information they can get from one person then conveying it over to the other. Soon everyone knows your thoughts on everyone and who benefits from that? It’s an endless game of rumors and in the end it effs with you.

If you want to get ahead in the work place, engage others but watch what you say for it always comes back to you. -Best advice I have been given since I started.

So keep those fly traps sealed my friends & happy work days !


Macbooks and Lattes

STARBUCKS! If that title didn’t give it away;)

images (4)

Home of the coffee sizes that no one remembers (Or is that just me)? Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, & the newly added Trenti! Yes, I googled these. I always end up ordering a Tall Latte due to the fact I get all nervous and forget the other sizes. Have any of you accidentally ordered a medium latte? You get that barista that loves her job a little too much and feels the need to correct you with the proper lingo “grande” along with a “this isn’t dunkin’ donuts” look in her eyes. Alright lady, no need to embarrass me in front of all these “business people.”

Now the crowd that they seem to attract is my ultimate favorite. Walking in I always notice the MacBook’s. I feel they should have a sign written on the door with something along the lines of “Apple products only”. I have a Dell and a Kindle so I normally stick with the drive-thru hoping the lines not wrapped around the building. On the occasion I do stop in with my Dell, I pull out my IPhone. Come on , I want to belong! Of course we can’t forget all the college kids that seem to never leave. Speaking out of jealousy because I am appalled at how all these “broke college” kids can afford a 5 Dollar frappe? Then there are all the hippies of course. I was under the impression they don’t support corporate places yet from eyesight, Starbucks has their support. The older women with their perfected pony-tails, decked out in matching gym clothes, donning their flawless make-up, always making me question whether they have ever been inside a gym. Ughh.

I know I’m ranting like I don’t enjoy their grande pumpkin lattes with an extra shot of espresso, the vanilla lattes, or the delicious cans of doubleshot espressos. I love all of these, I just don’t see enough of a difference to be paying extra for them.

So in the meantime, I will be sticking with the Dunkin Donuts crowd for most of my penniless days.

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Let the blitching begin!

For starters I named my blog CitifiedB mostly for the fact I just moved to a bigger city. The “B” I could tell you represents the initial of my first name, but that’s not why I chose it.

B is for Bitch (I don’t curse much, promise*).

My little brother has yet to switch over to that “trying to sound cool by cursing” stage, THANKFULLY. Instead of cursing he uses words like “Ish, B, Eff…etc.” which surprisingly wiped out the original curse words from my families vocabulary. We will be in a parking lot and my brother will get cut off and yell something like “That B just cut me off! What the EFF!”.  Great right? I think it’s so much less hateful and somewhat humorous to hear. I recommend starting this trend of words into your family, it’s much more appropriate.

So if you continue reading these random rants I’ll be pressing (next will be my love/hate for starbucks), you will now know what eff I’m talking about when I say ish and such.


Happy Readings B’s!