Eff the word Gluten & it’s followers. (I’m a follower)


Gluten Free is such a trend right now, I’m actually annoyed with it.

I can’t get a slice of pizza without being asked if I want gluten-free; Is that a serious question? I want gluten, extra cheese,pepperoni,sausage, and oh extra gluten; it’s my cheat day.

Saying the gluten-free pizza dough is better than regular, is bullshit & you know it.

Plus, if you’re going gluten-free too lose weight, then half of you are doing it wrong.

You can’t buy something just because it’s labeled “gluten-free” & assume its okay. If there’s no gluten, then they make up for it with all kinds of unhealthy starches. I started a blood type diet about three years ago and lost 35 pounds within a few months. Now I’m at a healthy balance of my thighs slightly touch with a cute little poochy belly. (because eff abs)

I’ve come to the realization that substitutions, just aren’t satisfying enough. We all know the crackers taste like cardboard, so we make up for that by smothering it with unhealthy cheese or dip…makes sense right?

Seriously though, stop trying too eat foods that resemble a cookie / rock dust. In the end it’s not helping you much.

You want the brownie? EAT the brownie! Your craving won’t come again for a while. (Unless you are like me & everyday is brownie day, then you just need some self-control.)

Try eating foods without gluten most of the time, then occasionally set aside a cheat day & indulge in that soft, warm, gooey dessert you’ve been dreaming about or the juicy cheese steak WITH the bread. Mmm…

After writing this, I’ve decided today is a cheat day.

I’ve included the only substitutes that are actually on the edible / enjoyable side.

Sweet Potato Chips! – Ignore that stale-like crunch & the extra cost, they’re not bad!

Sprouted Grain Bread -Buy the red bag. Not too tasty, but you get used to it.

That’s all folks! No, really, those are the only substitutes I actually don’t mind & they don’t have all the extra added crap.

Are you GF? What are some of your favorite foods?



P.S. If you are allergic to Gluten, I’m sorry, this post is in no way directed at you. Also, the comment about my thighs touching was a joke, that seems to be a “trend” as well. gag.