The unspoken rules of WordPress

Does anybody know the unspoken rules of WordPress? Wait are there any or are these just in my head?

If you view someone’s blog, then can you at least show you were there? A like or a comment or hell even a ping-back!

I understand we don’t all share the same opinions but can we not read with open minds?

Don’t rage on me because you disagree, try commenting your opinion politely and we can further discuss your inability to comprehend my amazing blog posts. Kidding.

But seriously, this is where we share our thoughts expecting some kind of feedback, allowing us to grow. If you share your opinion in a negative way, I’ll listen. I may not be thinking happy thoughts & I’m more than likely holding back my fingers from typing out assho…but I’ll listen.

The tagging situation also tends to annoy the ish outta me. Can we use tagging that’s relevant to your article?

I’m sick of searching “humor”, only to find articles on “a dog’s dying wish”

okay..I completely made that up, but you get my point.

I love liking posts, I love giving feedback on posts, but what I love even more , is when others leave feedback for me.

So get out there and be that social blogger everyone loves!

p.s. Leave a comment about something you think should be added to the list of unspoken rules.