You’re Not A Hipster; You’re A Contradiction.

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If you claim you’re a hipster, you’re not. Stop telling me about unheard of bands that you Googled…from your Iphone. Just because you order some crazy latte with 8 different pumps, does not dismiss the fact you’re at a Starbucks. … Continue reading

Macbooks and Lattes

STARBUCKS! If that title didn’t give it away;)

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Home of the coffee sizes that no one remembers (Or is that just me)? Short, Tall, Grande, Venti, & the newly added Trenti! Yes, I googled these. I always end up ordering a Tall Latte due to the fact I get all nervous and forget the other sizes. Have any of you accidentally ordered a medium latte? You get that barista that loves her job a little too much and feels the need to correct you with the proper lingo “grande” along with a “this isn’t dunkin’ donuts” look in her eyes. Alright lady, no need to embarrass me in front of all these “business people.”

Now the crowd that they seem to attract is my ultimate favorite. Walking in I always notice the MacBook’s. I feel they should have a sign written on the door with something along the lines of “Apple products only”. I have a Dell and a Kindle so I normally stick with the drive-thru hoping the lines not wrapped around the building. On the occasion I do stop in with my Dell, I pull out my IPhone. Come on , I want to belong! Of course we can’t forget all the college kids that seem to never leave. Speaking out of jealousy because I am appalled at how all these “broke college” kids can afford a 5 Dollar frappe? Then there are all the hippies of course. I was under the impression they don’t support corporate places yet from eyesight, Starbucks has their support. The older women with their perfected pony-tails, decked out in matching gym clothes, donning their flawless make-up, always making me question whether they have ever been inside a gym. Ughh.

I know I’m ranting like I don’t enjoy their grande pumpkin lattes with an extra shot of espresso, the vanilla lattes, or the delicious cans of doubleshot espressos. I love all of these, I just don’t see enough of a difference to be paying extra for them.

So in the meantime, I will be sticking with the Dunkin Donuts crowd for most of my penniless days.

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