The accusation: Cup loving Americans.

So I recently Facebooked this photo of me and *caption* the love of my life, forever together, best guy, ❤ 9-12-10 <3!!!! Be jealous!!! (that’s what people do right)


Kidding. We’re not annoying like that. Also, that’s a false date…we don’t have a real one.

As expected I get the typical likes and comments “omg you guys are so cute! Best couple ever!!”.

Kidding. I unfriended those infatuated little hecklers.

I did however get questioned by my dapper European brother in law. “What is it with Americans always having cups in their hands?”

Right off the bat I’m all like  “Uh. It’s called 8 o’clock  in the morning and effing cold. Have some perceptive as to why I would have a hot latte in my hand and if you’re going to view the photo , at least show some decency and “like” it. geez.”

What is it with you “Europeans” calling us “Americans” out huh!?

Eventually I did calm down and rationalize a little bit, could we have a tendency of always carrying cups? With full intentions of proving this Eurobrat wrong , I decide to check out some Facebook pics.

Unfortunately, the first one just happens to be a man casually walking his dog with an oversized McDonalds cup in his hand…

Mere coincidence. Keep scrolling

Ohhh, a mother with …never mind.

OK,  group picture here and three out of five people have a cup in their hand..

Party pictures! Of course there’s silly kids with slaphappy faces screaming “there’s alcohol in this cup.!” those can’t count.

So I stop looking.

If we really do seem to always have a cup in our hands, then I’m just curious as to why?

*Study Alert Universities*

Is it a sense of comfort to be holding a beverage?

How about a fashion statement!?  I occasionally get that impression when I see women with coffees. Although those thoughts could stem from my boyfriend always making it sound as if I’m being snotty when I say latte (like I came up with the name), but don’t you see the little b’s pushing their lips out with the hand at an angle that just screams prissiness?? No?

Maybe it’s from eating so much garbage that we are never suitably hydrated?

Whatever it is, I now have this irritating awareness of people holding cups in public.

So thank you brother!

Also, writing this post made me realize the fixation I have at the fact I must capitalize the “F” in “Facebook”. I understand why, I just get this feeling that I’m giving Facebook importance , but I’ll save that for another post.


Accused American cup holder.